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Rick Bainbridge

Rick Bainbridge

Divide, CO


I am a Colorado native and have spent my life living, working and studying our wild lands and the magnificent animals that call them home. I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful mountains outside of Colorado Springs, where inspiration abounds.

I am a self-taught artist who specializes in wildlife, western and landscape subjects, and work mostly in oils, but I also enjoy watercolor and pencil. Although I love to paint anything, I tend to favor painting birds, especially songbirds and birds of prey. Through the years I have developed the nickname, The Bird Man. I love color and fine detail and this is a perfect match with birds. They are very difficult to paint but that is part of the fun.

I spend my winters locked up in the studio creating new works and then, like a bear, I leave my painting hibernation to travel the Colorado outdoor art circuit. I love doing the Fine Art Festivals as I get to meet the people who want to own my work. This personal touch is important to me as I get to share my stories and inspirations with them. I love to have interaction with my customers and enjoy seeing my painting touch someone on a emotional level. As a artist, this is one of my goals. Art is emotional, and if my paintings can invoke an emotional response in the viewer then I have done my job.

I have been a full time professional artist for over 20 years and have been painting for over 30 years under the trade name Bear Claw Studio. My work is in private collections worldwide and I have won many awards for my paintings. Through my years on the Colorado Art show circuit I have done most of the shows here in Colorado, they include:

Breckinridge 4th of July, Breckinridge Gathering/The Great Divide, Breckinridge Meet the Artists, Estes Park, Castle Rock Artfest, Avon and Edwards Thunderbird Shows, Golden Fine Arts Festival, Evergreen Fine Arts Festival, Parker Fine Arts Festival, Snowmass, Durango Main Ave. Arts Festival, Commonwheel in Manitou Springs, Steamboat Springs, Winter Park Alpine Art Affair, plus many more.


Snowpack by Rick Bainbridge


Rocky Mountain Morning by Rick Bainbridge


Hawkeye by Rick Bainbridge


Wildcat by Rick Bainbridge


Western Tiger Swallowtail and Evening Phlox by Rick Bainbridge


Western Tanager by Rick Bainbridge


Bison Wind Cave Park South Dakota by Rick Bainbridge


Jungle Monarch by Rick Bainbridge


Purple Finch by Rick Bainbridge


Rocky Mountain Solitude by Rick Bainbridge


Monarchs and Coneflower by Rick Bainbridge


Tufted Titmouse by Rick Bainbridge


Winterwise by Rick Bainbridge


Hunters Moon by Rick Bainbridge


Seasons Change by Rick Bainbridge


On the Hunt by Rick Bainbridge


Out on a Limb by Rick Bainbridge


The Huntress by Rick Bainbridge


Pipevine Swallowtail and Blanket Flower by Rick Bainbridge


Northern Goshawk by Rick Bainbridge


Red-Naped Sapsucker by Rick Bainbridge


Bernese Mountain Dog by Rick Bainbridge


Winter Wonderland by Rick Bainbridge


White Admiral and Pansies by Rick Bainbridge


High Mountain Autumn by Rick Bainbridge